Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Server event logging

Determine the logging level

Determine the level of details that ARM captures in ARM logs.

  1. Set the value for the number of stored errors to at least 50.
  2. Activate the levels Debug or Code only for the diagnosis of severe issues.


Retrieve ARM log files

ARM stores all log files in the following folder:


All events are saved centrally on the ARM-server, including events from remote collectors.

Log files either grow to a size of 50MB or 7 days. When restarting the ARM service a new log file is started. ARM saves a maximum of 20 log files per type.


Screenshots property of © 2020 Microsoft.

The current version does not have a time stamp in the file name.

Current log files may be shown with a 0 KB size in Windows Explorer, even if they contain data.

Please zip the files before sending them to support .


Screenshots property of © 2020 Microsoft.

The following event types are entered into the Windows event log:  "Error", "Warning" and "Information". ARM creates its own node under "Application and Service Logs".


Logfile types

Filename containes...
(old: pnServer)
Information on the ARM server, collectors and jobs. Is most frequently used in support requests. Please don't confuse this with pnService.
From ARM version 2019.4 the files are named armServer*.log, for older ARM versions they are named pnserver*.log.
pnService Information relating to the start of the ARM service.
app8MAN Information on the ARM application (graphical user interface, GUI). Useful in case of program crashes.
appConfig Information on the configuration application. Useful in case of crashes of the configuration.
pnTracer Information on Logga.
pnRun Watchdog for pnServer service.
pnAlert Information about alert engine (FS Logga and AD Logga).
grantMa Information on GrantMA, webAPI.