Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Identify deviating access rights in the tree structure

Background / Value

Inheriting permissions is a good way to keep the access rights structure clear and manageable. ARM shows deviating access rights, regardless of whether they were added or removed. If the chain of inheritance is broken, ARM will show this in the tree structure. You can make corrections or leave them as is, if the directory has special protection requirements.


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Identify corrupted inheritance


Step-by-step process

  1. Select Resources.
  2. The green arrow indicates that some of the sub-directories contain divergent access rights.


  1. The green circle with the exclamation mark indicates that the access rights of this directory differ from its parent.
  2. The directories with divergent access rights are listed in a window below with a drill down option.


  1. Select a sub-directory.
  2. ARM shows which directory is compared with which.
  3. ARM displays all access rights equal to the parent directory.
  4. ARM shows all diviating access rights. A "Plus" signifies added access rights while a "Minus" signifies removed access rights.