Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Prepare to install ARM

If you are installing ARM for the first time, complete the pre-installation checklists below. These checklists can help you:

  • Obtain the required credentials

  • Verify that the system requirements are met

  • All required software is installed

  • Prepare the environment

Plan for the installation

Review the Access Rights Manager release notes.
Make sure your environment meets the hardware, software, and database requirements for the installation.

Identify the host server where ARM will be installed.

Ensure that the server is powerful enough to support the load requirements in your deployment. See the ARM server requirements located in the system requirements for more information.

Obtain administrator credentials to the ARM server.

SolarWinds recommends using the Local Administrator account for the installation. Make sure that you have local administrator server credentials for the ARM server.

The Local Administrator account is not the same account as a domain account with local administrator rights. A domain account is subject to your domain group policies.

Check for anti-virus software.

Determine if any antivirus software is installed on the systems where you plan to install the application and all related components.

Set up the SQL database server.

Ensure that the database server:

  • Meets the database hardware requirements

  • Is running a supported SQL Server database

  • Can communicate with the ARM server in your network

See the system requirements for more information.

Create a Customer Portal account (if required).

To download SolarWinds products and licenses, you need a SolarWinds Customer Portal account. See How do I access the Customer Portal for instructions.

Schedule the installation in your organization.

Depending on your environment, you may need additional time to complete the installation.

Prepare the environment

Before you run the installer, prepare the SolarWinds environment.

Gather all ARM credentials.

Make sure you have all account credentials, SQL Server database credentials, your SolarWinds account, and local admin server credentials.

Run all operating system updates on the ARM server. As you install, if an operating update runs, your system may reboot and require you to restart the installation process.

Open the required ports.

See Port requirements in the system requirements for more information.

Prepare the ARM server

Verify that the server:

  • Meets the CPU, RAM. and hard drive space requirements listed in the system requirements

  • Is running Microsoft .NET 4.8 Framework or higher

  • Is running a supported operating system

  • Is not a domain controller or a SolarWinds Platform server

  • Is configured in your network

  • Is accessible to all ARM users and administrators as required

  • Can access the Active Directory, LDAP, Microsoft Exchange, and SQL database server

You can download the .NET Framework software from the Microsoft .NET website located at

Install the most recent updates for your operating system.

Check for the latest updates and service packs using Windows Update.

If you are running SolarWinds Patch Manager, you can push the Microsoft updates to the server.

Set the server to the correct time.

Set the Region and Language settings to English or your country language. ARM supports English, French, and German languages.

See the documentation included with your operating system.

Open all ports according to the port requirements listed in the system requirements.

Check for antivirus software.

Determine if any antivirus software is installed on the server where you plan to install ARM.