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Manage Orion Web Console user accounts in the Orion Platform

This topic applies to all Orion Platform products.

Users need an Orion Web Console account to perform actions in your SolarWinds product, such as acknowledging alerts. Default account views and privileges are assigned in the account manager.

You may not need to grant all privileges to all users if they only need to review reports or access views. See Share Orion Platform views with non-Orion Web Console users for more information.

Add users individually, add group accounts, or use Active Directory accounts.  If a user is in multiple group accounts, the permissions of the group highest on the Groups tab of the Account Manager are applied to the user. By default SolarWinds uses MSAPI to authenticate Active Directory users, but you can authenticate users with LDAP.

To prevent issues with accounts, make sure that your SQL Server disables the no count connection option.

Default accounts

In the Orion Web Console, there are two default accounts: admin and guest.

When you log in to the Orion Web Console for the first time, specify a password for the default Admin user.

The guest password only has view permissions for all entities. By default, it is disabled and is configured with a blank password.

To use the guest password, you need to enable it. SolarWinds recommends that you change the password for this account before you start using it.

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