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The Orion Log Viewer allows you to monitor and review logs from nodes monitored by your Orion Platform products. In the Log Viewer, you can access your syslog and trap messages, monitor VMware events*, filter and search event logs, integrate Orion alerts, and more.

  • To access syslogs in the Orion Web Console, navigate to Alerts & Activity > Syslogs.
  • To access traps in the Orion Web Console, navigate to Alerts & Activity > Traps.
  • To access VMware events in the Orion Web Console, navigate to My Dashboards > VMware Events.

*Requires VMAN.

Number Item Description
1 Filters

The Filters pane displays all filters you can apply to event messages. All filters are stored in groups. To apply a filter to the events table, click to expand a filter group, and then select a filter. The events table refreshes and displays events allowed by the filter conditions. Click the Hide Pane icon to collapse the pane, or the Show Pane icon to expand it.

2 Events The Events table displays events that exist for your selected filter. The Filters pane displays the total number and names of applied filters. Enter keywords in tandem with the Filters pane to review specific activity. Select a specific event to view the associated details in the Entry Details pane. The color of the event (red, yellow, light blue) denotes the level of logged events (Error, Warning, Informational).
3 Orion Web Console menu bar Use the Orion Web Console menu bar to access integrated Orion Platform products and functions, view your notifications, log out, and launch the Success Center.
4 Log Viewer toolbar Use the Log Viewer toolbar to upgrade to Log Analyzer and access your log processing configuration rules.
5 Entry Details The Entry Details pane displays specific information about the last event you selected in the Events table. When you click an event, the event is highlighted in the Entry Details pane along with supporting information. Click one or more entry details filter icons to apply additional conditions to your current filter set.
6 Search The Search box uses full text search. Neither wildcards nor regex syntax are supported.