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Modify an existing web-based report for the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products except for the following products:


Modifying an existing web-based report is often the simplest way to generate a new report. You can add pre-existing resources or create a custom table or chart. You can also edit information about each resource.

  1. Start the Edit Report wizard:
    1. Click Reports > All Reports in the menu bar, and click Manage Reports.
    2. Select Report Origin in the Group by drop-down menu in the left pane, and select Web-based from the list.
    3. Select the report to use as the basis for your new report, and click Duplicate & Edit.
  2. Add Content.
    1. Click Add Content.
    2. Select the resource to add to the report, and click Select and Continue.

      Some resources require you to choose a specific object to report on. For example, if you want to track how many people use a specific application, you must choose the application when adding the resource.

  3. Click the Edit button on the resources to make changes such as filtering the objects, group columns, or setting a sample interval. Available options depend on the type of resource you add. See more info on customizing charts or tables.

  4. Click Next to display the Preview view, and click Next.
  5. Add report properties, such as categories or custom properties. Use the report limitation category to restrict the report to specific user accounts. Click Next.
  6. Schedule the report by clicking Schedule this report to run regularly, and creating a new schedule or adding the report to an existing schedule. Click Next.
  7. Review the Summary and click Submit to save the report.