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Import and export modern dashboards

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Share your dashboards with wider audience, such as the THWACK community, back up your custom dashboards, or re-import SolarWinds out-of-the-box dashboards in case the dashboard configuration is damaged.


  • You need to have the SWQL Studio installed or use PowerShell.

  • Your user account needs to have sufficient privileges:

    • Accounts with administrator rights can export/import any dashboards.

    • Accounts with the Manage Dashboards right can only export/import dashboards created by themselves.

    • Accounts without Manage Dashboards cannot export/import any dashboards.

    If you don't have sufficient rights, you won't be able to complete the export/import query and will get a Permission Denied error.

Export a modern dashboard

  1. Create your dashboard as a user dashboard using SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

  2. Open SWQL Studio and search for the Orion.Dashboard.Instances entity.

  3. Export the dashboard definition by using the verb Export of Orion.Dashboards.Instances entity.

  4. Copy the resulting JSON string into file. JSON string in SWQL Studio is presented as the content between <Return>...</Return> tags.

Import a modern dashboard

The import verb requires filling in one parameter: definition. The dashboard definition is the JSON text.

All imported dashboards are private and owned by the account logged into SWIS.

Identification of dashboard definitions

Each exported dashboard (and widgets) obtains a unique key. During the import, dashboards with the same unique key as an already available dashboard overwrite the original dashboard.

To share an update for a dashboard, ensure that the updated dashboard and widgets to be imported have the same unique keys as the dashboards in your SolarWinds Platform.