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Troubleshoot SAML Login

If users cannot log in using SAML login, review the SAML log to find out more details. By default, the log is located at


Test your SAML configuration

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > SAML Configuration, and then click Test Configuration.
  2. To test SAML configuration on the computer you have the Orion Web Console open, click Test Configuration.
  3. To test whether SAML login works correctly for other users on other computers, click Copy and send the link to the user who is attempting to log in using the SAML protocol from another computer. If the output is unsuccessful, instruct the user to copy it and send it to the administrator.
  4. The Test SAML configuration page opens with the results of the test. You can see the test sent to your Identity Provider and its response. Use the response to troubleshoot the issue or send it to your administrator.

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