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Create custom monitors in the SolarWinds Platform

With SolarWinds Platform products, you can extend monitoring to non-standard devices, using object identifiers (OIDs) organized in management information bases (MIBs).

SolarWinds Platform products provide the following advanced monitoring options:

  • Device Studio pollers: Create pollers for certain technologies directly in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

    What is a poller?

    Statistics monitored on your devices are specified by pollers. Pollers hold information about a monitored property, how to get the current value for the property, and where and how to display the retrieved data.

    What do you need custom pollers for?

    • To monitor a specific metric which is not monitored out-of-the box.
    • To monitor special equipment.
    • To monitor objects although the number of monitored objects exceeds a poller's capacity limitation.
  • Universal Device Pollers: If there is a specific metric that is not monitored out-of-the box, or if you have special equipment you need to monitor, create a custom poller based on a specific object identifier (OID) and transform polled results into a resource in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

    Review the comparison of UnDP and Device Studio pollers to determine which poller to use.

    UnDPDevice Studio poller
    Can poll only one OID.Can poll multiple OIDs for a given technology.
    Cannot perform logical operations or transformations on the polled data.Can perform logical operations or transformations on the polled data.
    Polled values are displayed in dedicated resources.Polled values are displayed in existing resources.