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Check nodes polled by agents for changes

This topic applies only to the following SolarWinds Platform products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


While normal discovery finds new nodes and adds them to the SolarWinds Platform server, this is not true for nodes using the Agent. Agent discovery is an extension to the standard discovery process.

A discovery profile may contain:

  • Nodes using both the Agent and non-Agent nodes
  • Non-Agent nodes
  • Agent nodes

On the Agents tab in the Network Discovery wizard, you can specify whether you want the wizard to check Agent-polled nodes for updates.

Checking the nodes might be time-consuming, so the option is disabled by default.

Updating Agent-polled nodes ignores the IP ranges, subnets, IP addresses or Active Directory settings provided in the Network Selection step.

However, if you have deployed multiple polling engines, note the polling engine selected in the Network Selection step. Only the Agent-polled nodes assigned to the selected polling engine will be checked for updates.

To enable checking the Agent-polled nodes during scheduled discoveries, select the Check existing nodes... box and specify the Agent-polled nodes to be checked for updates:

  • To check all Agent-polled nodes, select Check all.
  • To check only specific nodes:
    1. Select Check only specific set of nodes.
    2. Use properties and operators in the drop-downs, and provide a value as necessary.
    3. Click Preview to display nodes covered by your current condition.
    4. When you're satisfied, click Next to continue the Discovery wizard.