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Evaluate SolarWinds Platform products

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

When you install an SolarWinds Platform product, you can try a fully functional product for the trial period. The evaluation period for most SolarWinds Platform products takes 30 days. It begins when you install the product and do not have a commercial license activated. You can verify the amount of time remaining for the evaluation in the License Manager.

When you activate a commercial license for most products, the evaluation license expires, and you lose any remaining evaluation days.

The Orion Scalability Engine Evaluation License covers an unlimited number of Additional Polling Engines (APE) and Additional Web Servers (AWS) until the end of the evaluation period even if you activate a commercial license.

What happens after an evaluation license expires?

  • Additional Web Servers stop working.

  • Polling engines stop polling.

  • High Availability pools are disabled.

  • SolarWinds Platform Web Console keeps working, but displays only historical data.

  • The Evaluation license in the web-based License Manager is marked as expired until it is replaced by a commercial license.

Evaluate performance improvements achieved with Additional Polling Engines and Additional Web Servers

When you install an Additional Polling Engine or Additional Web Server, the Orion Scalability Engine Evaluation license is added to your licenses in the License Manager on the main polling engine. With this license, each polling engine can poll an unlimited number of elements for 30 days.

If you purchase and activate an APE or AWS license during the evaluation period, you can still install and use further APEs or AWS's with the Orion Scalability Engine Evaluation license until the end of the evaluation period.

When the Orion Scalability Engine Evaluation expires, the license is marked as expired in the License Manager. Purchase and activate the appropriate number of APE or AWS licenses.

Can I still evaluate an APE or AWS if I have a commercial license for only one of them?

Yes. If you purchased a license for one type of scalability engine, and want to keep the option to evaluate the other in the future, activate the license before you install the scalability engine to prevent the evaluation license from activating.

You can also request a temporary key from your sales representative.

  1. In the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > License Manager.
  2. Click Activate, provide your activation key, and complete the activation. The license will remain unassigned.
  3. Install the scalability engine. During the installation, the activated license will be used, and the evaluation period will not start.

When you install the other scalability engine, the evaluation license will still be available.

Evaluate SolarWinds Platform High Availability

High Availability (HA) is licensed per pool. To use the HA feature, you need to license HA pools.

With the High Availability Evaluation license, you can create an unlimited number of HA pools and use HA for 30 days. High Availability Evaluation licenses start the 30-day countdown when you add the first HA pool.

What happens when a High Availability evaluation license expires?

High Availability evaluation licenses expire after the 30-day evaluation period or when you add a commercial license key. When the evaluation license expires, all pools without a valid license are disabled.

To enable a pool when the evaluation expires, activate a full license and assign it to the pool.