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Configure polling statistics intervals in the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Click Settings > All Settings, and in the Thresholds & Polling group, click Polling Settings to configure the settings.

Configure the intervals on which Orion completes SNMP statistics polls.

See Configure polling statistics intervals in the online help for more information.

Depending on the SolarWinds Platform products and modules you have installed, additional polling settings may be available. See the SolarWinds Platform Administrator Guide for more information about polling settings.

Available options

Setting Default value Description

Default Node Topology Poll Interval

120 minutes Configure the interval for polling topology statistics for nodes.

Default Node Statistics Poll Interval

10 minutes Configure the interval for polling device performance statistics.
Default Interface Statistics Poll Interval 9 minutes Configure the interval for polling interface performance statistics. Available only if SolarWinds NPM is installed.
Default Volume Statistics Poll Interval 15 minutes Configure the interval for polling volume performance statistics.
Interface obsolete after x polls 3

Select the box to display a warning message if interface data are not updated in a number of subsequent polls. Specific for NPM.

Specify the number of subsequent polls triggering the obsolescence message. For more information, see Why Is Interface Data Obsolete?

Re-Apply Polling Statistics Intervals Button enabled

Click Re-Apply Polling Intervals to apply the specified values for selected entities in this section to all objects in the database. See the instructions above.

Click Submit at the bottom of the page to use the current settings for new objects.

If you leave the page without submitting the changes, your settings will be applied to objects in the database, but will not be saved as default. For objects added to the database in the future, the default settings will be used. Not submitting the changes can result in different settings for objects that are already in the database, and different settings for newly added objects.