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Install evaluation products or hotfixes without upgrading existing Orion Platform products

You can install hotfixes, patches, or additional Orion Platform products into your existing Orion deployment without upgrading your existing products to the latest version. This option is available if your Orion deployment meets the following conditions:

  • Your existing products run on Orion Platform 2019.4 or later.
  • Your products run in an online environment.

    If your products run in an offline environment, you must download the hotfix installer from the Customer Portal.

For more information about the SolarWinds Installer and other installation or upgrade options, see About installing or upgrading SolarWinds Platform products and scalability engines.

Before you start

If you are installing additional products, use the information in this topic to access system requirements, prepare your environment, and review the list of "gotchas".

Run the installer

  1. In the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, click Settings > My Orion Deployment.
  2. Click the Updates & Evaluations tab.

    The tab lists all available updates, including hotfixes and new versions, and provides links to release notes. It also lists other Orion Platform products that you can choose to install for evaluation.

    The evaluation version of a product is a full version of the product, functional for 30 days. After the evaluation period, you can convert your evaluation license to a production license by obtaining and applying a license key. Contact SolarWinds sales to purchase a full license. To activate the license, see Activate licenses.

  3. Select one of the following options:

    • Install only recommended patches and hot fixes

      Use this option to install patches and hot fixes for existing products without upgrading to the latest version.

    • Install only product evaluations

      Use this option to install additional Orion Platform products without upgrading your existing products. This option installs versions of the selected products that are compatible with your existing Orion deployment.

  4. If you are installing additional products, select the products to install from the Available Evaluations section.
  5. Click Next.

    If additional components are available (for example, Orion Log Viewer) and your deployment meets the system requirements, the Add-ons page lists the available components.

  6. If the Add-ons page is displayed:

    1. Click More Info to learn more about the available component.

    2. Select Confirm to install the component or Cancel if you do not want to install it.
    3. Click Confirm to close the dialog box, and then click Next.
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

  8. When the installation is complete, click Finish.