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Clone and duplicate modern dashboards

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

When creating modern dashboards, you can copy and customize already existing dashboards and/or widgets. These dashboards/widgets are just a starting point. Once you customize them, they have no link to the "base" widget/dashboard. Starting with Orion Platform 2020.2.5, you can also clone dashboards with widgets and preserve a connection to the "base" dashboard/widget. Once you change the parent, the clone automatically changes to reflect the parent updates

Create stand-alone dashboards or widgets

Stand-alone widgets have no links to other widgets. When configuring a stand-alone widget, select a template from Empty Widgets dashboard, customize it and click Create Widget.

To create stand-alone dashboards, use the Add Modern Dashboard button. All widgets on this dashboard are stand-alone.

All classic dashboards are stand-alone.

See Customize modern dashboards for details.

Create linked widgets

Linked widgets (or clones) are linked to the base widget they were cloned from. All changes to the base widget are reflected in cloned widget. You can unlink the widget and thus make it stand-alone.

To create a linked widget, start configuring the widget, select one of configured widgets (not from Empty Widgets dashboard), and click Create Widget.

You cannot customize linked widgets. When you click Edit in a linked widget, you will not find any settings there as it is only a reference to the base widget. To edit the widget, you either need to edit the base widget, or unlink the widget and customize it.

  • Don't configure the widget during creation, or it will become stand alone widget.
  • Any update made to the base widget is automatically reflected in all linked widgets.
  • When you clone an already linked widget, the cloned widget is always linked to the first stand-alone widget in chain, the "base" widget.

Unlink a linked widget

When you unlink a widget, you cannot link it back.

To unlink a widget, go to the widget editor an click the Unlink Widget button.

Clone a dashboard

Duplicated Dashboards are clones of another dashboards. By default, all widgets are clones of widgets from original dashboard. However, you can unlink individual widgets.

Delete base widgets/dashboards

When removing a base widget, you are informed that other widgets are linked to it. When you remove a base widget, linked widgets continue to exist and function, but they change to stand-alone widgets.

When removing a dashboard with base widgets, you are notified that other widgets are linked to dashboard widget(s). When you remove the dashboard, linked widgets continue to exist and function, but they change to stand-alone widgets.