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Activate SolarWinds Platform High Availability pool licenses

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to the following products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


SolarWinds Platform High Availability (HA) is licensed per pool, which is an internal grouping of a primary and secondary server. You receive a 30-day evaluation license for an unlimited number of HA pools.

High Availability for SolarWinds Observability Network Collector does not require a special license, it is included in the Network and Infrastructure subscription.

You do not need to purchase a second additional polling engine license or additional product licenses for the secondary servers and polling engines in your HA pools.

If you are setting up multiple pools, activate all of your HA pool licenses first. When you set up your HA pools, each pool automatically consumes one HA pool license until no licenses are available.

Activate an evaluation license (HA pools are already set up)

When you set up aHA pool, an evaluation license is automatically added to your License Manager. You can evaluate HA for 30 days. When the evaluation period is over, the license expires and, after 5 minutes, the unlicensed pool is switched off.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > License Manager.
  2. Select the license.
  3. Click Activate.
  4. Enter your license information (Activation Key and Registration Information).
  5. Click Activate.

The license will be activated.

Activate HA license before setting up HA pools

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > License Manager.
  2. Click Add/Upgrade License.
  3. Enter the Activation Key and Registration Information.
  4. Click Activate.

Unassigned commercial licenses are added to the License Manager, marked as Currently Not Assigned. When you set up HA pools now, licenses are automatically assigned to the pool with the main polling engine and then to pools without licenses.

If you set up more pools than you have activated licenses, an evaluation license is added to the License Manager. If the evaluation period is over, the license expires and the HA pool is switched off.

To change the license for a pool, deactivate the license and activate a new one. For detailed steps, see Migrate SolarWinds Platform licenses from one server to another.