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Schedule Orion Platform reports from the Schedule Manager

This topic applies to all Orion Platform products except for the following products:


The Schedule Manager provides a list of all report schedules that have been set up for your SolarWinds Orion web-based reports.

To access the Report Scheduler and the Report Manager, your user account needs to have the Report Management rights.

In the Report Scheduler, you can create, edit, run and delete schedules from this page, and assign reports to schedules.

  1. Click Reports > All Reports in the menu bar, and then click Manage Reports in the upper right.
  2. Click the Schedule Manager tab.
  3. Click Create New Schedule to add a new schedule.
  4. Select the schedule and click Run Now. The selected schedule runs, which includes the associated reports and report actions.
  5. Select the schedule and click Assign to a Report.