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Install Network Atlas for the SolarWinds Platform

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to the following products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


Network Atlas is pre-installed on Orion EOC and SolarWinds NPM, and it can be run as a local application on those SolarWinds Platform servers.

Users can also run Network Atlas as a standalone application on a remote computer.

Network Atlas Requirements

Network Atlas users must have the Map Management rights in SolarWinds NPM or in Orion EOC.

The user logged in to Network Atlas must be able to access the Network Atlas synchronization folder to ensure synchronization with the SolarWinds Platform database.



Operating System

  • Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2

    Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials is not supported.

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 8 or 8.1 (64-bit, Standard Edition is not supported)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)


1 GB

Hard Drive Space

150 MB


Remote instances of Network Atlas require TCP on port 17777 to either the SolarWinds NPM or the Orion EOC server.

.NET Framework .NET 4.5 or later

Network Atlas ports



Service/Process Direction


17777 TCP SolarWinds Information Service Bidirectional Remote instances of Network Atlas require TCP on port 17777 to either the SolarWinds NPM or the SolarWinds EOC server.

Install Network Atlas on a remote computer

  1. Log in to your SolarWinds NPM or Orion EOC server.
  2. Start the SolarWinds Platform Web Console in the SolarWinds Orion program folder.
  3. In the Map widget, click Download Network Atlas.

    If you do not see the download link in the Map widget, click Edit, select Show Network Atlas Download Link, and click Submit.

  4. Save the installer (NetworkAtlas.exe) on the remote computer.

    You can also locate the installer on your local server in the location: \inetpub\SolarWinds\NetworkAtlas\NetworkAtlas.exe, or alternatively, in

    Starting with SolarWinds Platform 2023.1, the installer is stored in %ProgramFiles%\SolarWinds\Orion\Web\NetworkAtlas\SolarWinds.Orion.NetworkAtlas.msi.

  5. Run the installer on the remote computer, and click Next on the Welcome window.

    If you have previously installed Network Atlas, you may be prompted to change, repair or remove your installation. Click Repair, click Repair again on the Ready to repair window, and complete the Setup Wizard.

  6. Accept the terms in the license agreement, and click Next.
  7. Provide a destination folder for the installation, and click Next.
  8. Click Install on the Ready to Install window.
  9. Click Finish when the Setup Wizard completes.

    See Create network maps for the SolarWinds Platform in Network Atlas.