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Enable SolarWinds Platform users to authenticate through LDAP

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

You can choose to have all of your AD users authenticate through LDAP. The SolarWinds Platform server does not need to be added to the Windows domain with this authentication method. All authentication requests will use the domain you save, even if the SolarWinds Platform server is part of a different domain.

We do not support Anonymous authentication through LDAP.

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console as an administrator.

  2. Click Settings > All Settings in the menu bar.

  3. Click Advanced AD Settings in the User Accounts grouping.

  4. Toggle Authenticate Active Directory Users via LDAP.

  5. Enter your LDAP server information and select the authentication method that matches what is used in LDAP.

    Click Discover DN to fill in the distinguished name (DN) of the AD domain automatically. If the DN field does not populate, verify that the Directory Server Address is correct.

Windows individual accounts now use LDAP. If you created SolarWinds Platform Web Console accounts that use Active Directory or local accounts and those accounts cannot authenticate through LDAP, those accounts cannot login.

If you disable this selection, Windows users or group members created while it was enabled cannot login.