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Optimize the performance of the Orion Web Console

This topic applies to all Orion Platform products.

Your Orion Web Console may be slow because of many reasons. The following steps help you troubleshoot and optimize the Orion Web Console performance:

The performance might also be affected by the database maintenance, or polling issues.

The Orion Web Console runs on IIS. Consider testing the standard IIS fine-tuning techniques to optimize the Orion Web Console performance.

Find the number of users logged in at the same time

NPM 12.0 and later supports up to 25-50 concurrent users.

Run the following query to find out how many users are logged concurrently:


Users logged in at the same time

SELECT accountid, accountenabled, lastlogin
From [dbo].[Accounts]
order by lastlogin desc

If the number of users logged in simultaneously is close to 50, add an additional web server.

Find out more about the current performance of the Orion Web Console

By default, the Orion Web Console is installed on the main polling engine server. Review the performance of the server. If the polling engine is already overloaded, consider installing an additional web server.

Review the performance of the Internet Information Services (IIS) worker process (w3wp.exe) in your Task Manager.

The memory usage of the w3wp.exe on a healthy Orion Web Console is 100 ‑  650 MB. If the usage is higher, IIS and the Orion Web Console are under pressure. Distribute the load by adding an additional web server.

An Orion Web Console page is slow

By default, Orion Web Console charts are set to display one day of data, with a sample each 30 minutes. Customizing charts to display huge amounts of data (such as display the data for the past year, with data for each 6 hours as a sample) can slow down the display of the Orion Web Console considerably.

Your customization is automatically saved and it is applied for all users. Make sure you revert chart settings back to default when you've seen the data.

  1. Find out which view is slow, and skim it for charts.

    If you have SolarWinds SAM installed and have the AppStack widget on the view, consider moving the AppStack widget to a separate view.

  2. Review the chart settings to see what data it shows. Showing data for a past year with a sample every 6 hours means loading huge chunks of data, thus causing performance issues. See Customize charts in the Orion Web Console for details.
  3. Revert the chart settings to defaults.

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