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Configure an Orion Platform product with ServiceNow

This Orion Platform topic applies only to the following products:


After completing the configuration of the integration in ServiceNow®, you can configure the integration to be able to automatically create, update, and resolve alerts that were raised in your Orion Platform product in your ServiceNow instance.

  1. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings.
  2. In the Alerts & Reports group, click Manage Alert Integration Instances.
  3. Click Add Instance.
  4. Enter a name and the URL for the ServiceNow instance.
  5. Enter the ServiceNow credentials:
    • Username
      The user name of the account that is configured for the SolarWinds integration role.
    • Password
  6. Test the connection to your ServiceNow instance. If the connection is not working, you receive descriptive messages to help you solve the issue.
  7. If you are accessing your ServiceNow instance through a HTTP proxy, select Use a HTTP proxy server, and click the Configure your HTTP proxy settings link to edit the details. For more information, see Configure web proxy settings in the Orion Platform.
  8. Click Save.

Enable/disable or restrict your ServiceNow instance

You can influence the behavior of the integration using the Operational State of your ServiceNow instance in the Orion Platform.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings, and then click Manage Alert Integration Instances in the Alerts & Reports section.
  2. Select the instance to change, click Set the Operational State, and select a status:
    • To make the integration between ServiceNow and the Orion Platform work (to make sure triggering the alert creates a ServiceNow incident and that the instance status in ServiceNow corresponds with the alert in the Orion Platform, select Enabled.
    • To turn off the integration, select Disabled.
    • To prevent the Orion Platform from creating new incidents, but to update and close existing ServiceNow incidents both in ServiceNow and the Orion Platform, select Restricted.
  3. Restricted by system

    To prevent flooding your ServiceNow with new incidents, the Orion Platform automatically restricts creating new incidents when the integration creates more than 100 new incidents within five minutes. In this case, the status of your ServiceNow instance is Restricted by system.