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Edit global thresholds for cloud monitoring

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to the following products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


Set global thresholds for cloud monitoring to identify the warning and critical values for monitored metrics. These thresholds affect polled data from cloud services for status and Orion alerts that are triggered when values reach or surpass warning and critical thresholds.

  1. Access the Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Settings page.
  2. Click Edit Global Thresholds.
  3. Adjust the following default values, as necessary.

    Monitored cloud metric Default warning threshold Critical threshold
    CPU Load (percentage) 80% 90%
    Network Receive Rate (kB/seconds) 5,0000 kB/s 100,000 kB/s
    Network Transmit Rate (kB/second) 50,000 kB/ 100,000 kB/s
    Network Usage Rate (kB/second) 100,000 kB/s 200,000 kB/s
    Read IOPS (/second) 50,000 /s 100,000 /s
    Write IOPS (/second) 50,000 /s 100,000 /s
    Total IOPS (/second) 50,000 /s 100,000 /s
    Disk Read (Bytes/second) 700,000 B/s 900,000 B/s
    Disk Write (Bytes/second) 700,000 B/s 900,000 B/s
  4. Click Submit.