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Plan what should be on a view/classic dashboard in the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Plan what should be on a view before you create it or before you start customizing it.

Before you create a view/classic dashboard

  Option Action
Identify objects to see on the view/dashboard. Select the appropriate object type, such as nodes, interfaces, groups, applications, and so on.
View information for all objects of the selected object type. Select a Summary view.
View details for a selected object. Select a Details view.

Customize what the view/classic dashboard displays

  Option Action
Specify information about the objects you want to see. Add widgets that display metrics you want to see.
Divide the information into several tabs. Create tabs and specify widgets for each tab.
Optimize the view/classic dashboard for large screens or mobile devices. Create a Network Operations Center (NOC) view.
Limit what devices should be displayed. Add a limitation.
Access the view from My Dashboards. Add the view/dashboard into a menu bar and make sure the menu bar is available for users you are targeting.
View entities on a map.

Decide what kind of map to use.