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Use a classic dashboard/view as a template in the Orion Platform

This topic applies to all Orion Platform products.

When you want to create multiple similar views/classic dashboards, create one view, and use it as a template to create other new views.

If you copy a view with a view limitation applied, that view limitation is carried over to the copied view and any change you make applies to both views. You can delete the view limitation to remove it from all views, and then create a view limitation for each view.

  1. Click Settings > Manage Dashboards/Views.

    On Orion Platform 2019.4 and earlier, click Settings > All Settings > Manage Views in the Views group.

  2. Select the view you want to copy, and click Copy. If on Manage Dashboards, click Duplicate.

    The copied view is added to the list, named Copy of the original view.

  3. Edit the copied view.