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Configure the dynamic IP address and hostname resolution in the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Click Settings > All Settings, and in the Thresholds & Polling group, click Polling Settings to configure the settings.

Select the Default IP Address Resolution for dual stack objects on your network:

  • IPv4 (default)
  • IPv6

To monitor IPv6 devices, enable IPv6 on the SolarWinds Platform server.

Re-Apply Resolution Preference

Click to immediately apply the settings specified in this section on all objects in the database. Make sure you click Submit if you want to use the current settings for new objects.

If you leave the page without submitting the changes, your settings will only be applied on objects in the database, but will not be saved. For objects added to the database in the future, the saved settings will be used. Not submitting the changes might thus result in different settings for objects that are already in the database and different settings for newly added objects.