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Options for upgrading scalability engines

When you upgrade your primary SolarWinds Platform server, you must also upgrade any additional polling engines (APEs), additional web servers (AWS), and high availability (HA) backup servers. The primary SolarWinds Platform server and all scalability engines must run the same version of the SolarWinds Platform. The following options are available for upgrading scalability engines.

Centralized upgrades

If you have Orion Platform 2019.2 or later, you can save time by performing a centralized upgrade to upgrade your SolarWinds Platform server and all scalability engines.

  1. To minimize the time required to upgrade, you can pre-stage the installation files on your SolarWinds Platform server and all of your scalability engines. The installer downloads the required files to all reachable servers before you start the upgrade.

  2. When you start the upgrade, the SolarWinds Installer contacts all reachable scalability engines and checks for any issues.

    If you did not pre-stage the files, they are downloaded to all reachable scalability engines when you start the upgrade.

  3. The installer upgrades the SolarWinds Platform server and all reachable scalability engines in parallel. You can track the progress of all upgrades from the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

For more information about performing a centralized upgrade, see this topic.

Individual upgrades

If centralized upgrades are not available to you, perform the following tasks to upgrade one or more scalability engines individually. For example, if a scalability engine is not reachable during a centralized upgrade, you can upgrade it individually after the issue is resolved.

  1. Upgrade your primary SolarWinds Platform server.
  2. Download the online installer from the Customer Portal or from either of the following locations in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console:
    • Settings > All Settings > Details > Polling Engines
    • Settings > All Settings > Product Specific Settings > Web Console Settings

    To upgrade a scalability engine, the online installer does not require Internet access.

  3. Save the installer on each scalability engine.
  4. Start the installer on each scalability engine and perform the upgrade.

    You can run the upgrades in parallel.