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Create a SolarWinds Service Desk incident in the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

This alert management action is only available if the integration with SolarWinds Service Desk is enabled.

For information about configuring Service Desk integration, see Configure SolarWinds Service Desk to be integrated to the SolarWinds Platform.

Configure a Service Desk incident

  1. When editing or adding an alert, click Add Action in the Trigger or Reset Action section of the Alert Wizard.

  2. Select Create SolarWinds Service Desk Incident, and click Configure Action.

  3. Under Name of action, provide a name for the alert action.

  4. Under Select Service Desk Instance, select a Service Desk instance.

  5. Add Entity attributes to show in the incident.

  6. Review Custom attributes. By default, "Title" and "Description" are used. These attributes correspond with the title and description of incident. The rest of attributes is used by the Service Desk automation. Service Desk automation handles incident creation and provides rules for processing the incidents.

  7. Schedule the action by selecting Time of Day > Use special Time of Day schedule for this action. This schedule only applies to the alert action you are editing.

    This is often used to prevent an action from occurring during specific windows.

  8. Select how frequently this action occurs for each triggered alert in Execution Settings.

  9. Click Add Action.

The action is added to the trigger action list, and you can test the action using the Simulate button. When the trigger conditions of the alert are met, an incident will be created or updated in the specified Service Desk instance.


Use the Creating Service Desk Incident action only as a trigger action. If you add this action as a reset action, it will not be executed.

Use one Service Desk action per alert.

Always specify one alert action for one Service Desk instance. To create an incident in another Service Desk instance, specify another alert action and use a different Service Desk instance.

You can specify one alert action for one Service Desk instance.

Stop creating Service Desk incidents for an alert

To deactivate the integrated behavior, remove the alert action from the alert definition.

When you remove the integration from integration instances, the alert action will be unassigned.