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Display container data in the Orion Web Console

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After adding container services and running deployment scripts on Linux nodes, wait a few minutes for container status and performance metrics to appear in various places, including:

The following figure shows the Containers widget on the Node Details page:

Click any container on the Containers widget to open the Container Details page.

The following screenshot shows how containers appear in the AppStack Environment:

Container entities are available in PerfStack. For example, if you track TCP Port Monitor and Average Response Time metrics for an application on a server that hosts a containerized environment and you also have CPU utilization for different containers running throughout the history of the application's deployment, you can trace back to see what happened for containers running at different points in history.

Here is an example of a container widget created in PerfStack:

The following Orion Map shows various containers hosted on a Linux node:

SolarWinds documentation describes how to display container data in the Orion Web Console. To learn about manipulating containers directly, refer to third-party documentation provided by the vendor. For example, to learn about swarm mode, see Docker docs (© 2020 Docker, Inc., available at, obtained on October 26, 2020.)