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Manage alert actions in the Orion Platform

This topic applies to all Orion Platform products except for the following products:


You can edit, test, enable, disable, and delete alert actions from the Action Manager.

Mostly for bulk actions and assigning previously created actions to alerts. View meta data about the action to help troubleshoot alert actions from a single area instead of trying to find the action in an alert.

Edit actions

Edit options depend on the action. See the action in question in the list of available alert actions.

Test actions

  1. Select the action, and click Test.
  2. Select a node to test it on, and click Execute.

See Test alert actions for more details.

Assign an action to an alert

You can use actions that you have already configured in multiple alerts.  For example, if you have configured an action to email emergency response teams, you can assign this action to multiple alerts. When you assign an alert, it is added to the highest escalation level.

Enable and Disable Alerts

Use the On/Off toggle or select an alert and click Enable/Disable to enable or disable alerts.

Alerts must be enabled to be evaluated. For example, if an alert is scheduled to run for a short period of time each year, it must be enabled so the schedule runs. A disabled alert will not be evaluated, even if it is scheduled to run.