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Unlock user accounts

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

When you use an Orion individual account for the SolarWinds Platform Web Console or any other SolarWinds Platform application (Network Atlas, SWQL Studio) and fail to provide the correct credentials more than ten times in a row, your account is locked. The default lockout period is 15 minutes.

You need Administrator rights to unlock user accounts or change the lockout settings.

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console using an account with Administrator rights, and click Settings > All Settings.

  2. Click Manage Accounts in the User Accounts grouping.

  3. Select a user and check the Lockout status column. If the status is Locked, click Unlock.

    • If the Unlock button is not active, make sure that the selected account is not a Windows or a SAML account.

    • If you cannot see an account in the Individual Accounts tab, check the Groups tab. The user might be a member of a group.

  4. Click Unlock. The user account is immediately unlocked and the user can log in again.

Change lockout settings

Administrators can change the number of failed login attempts that result in an user account being locked out and the time period of the lockout.

  1. Go to Advanced settings and search for "lock" on the Global tab.

    To access advanced settings, append the following to the hostname/IP address of your SolarWinds Platform Web Console in the browser: /Orion/Admin/AdvancedConfiguration/Global.aspx

  2. Change the lockout duration

    • To change the lockout duration, type the lockout time in minutes to the AccountLockDuration field.
    • To make the lockout permanent, type 0 into the AccountLockDuration field.
  3. Change the number of failed login attempts

    • To change the number of failed attempts that result in accounts being locked out, type the number into the AccountLockoutThreshold.
    • To disable the lockout of user accounts, type 0 into the AccountLockoutThreshold field.
  4. Save your settings. The change is applied immediately.