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Customize a web-based report layout in the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products except for the following products:


You can customize how the report looks, such as the width, header, or number of columns. By default, a report is 960 pixels wide with a header and footer, and a single column for content.

The following procedure assumes you are already creating or editing a report in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

Customize report size

By default, reports are 960 px wide.

You can modify a report size on the Layout Builder page,:

  • To use a specific width, enter the required value in pixel into the Report width box.
  • To expand the report to the width of the browser window, click Fit to window width .

Customize report headers

  1. On the Layout Builder page, provide the name for the report in the large field.

    To avoid file name conflicts when scheduling or exporting reports, do not use special characters in the report name, such as <,>, ...

  2. Adjust or add a description to display below the report name.

  3. To add a custom logo:

    1. Click Browse for logo to change the default logo.
    2. Ensure that the Logo check box is selected. Changing the logo does not affect other reports.

      The maximum image size is 600 pixels wide and 240 pixels high.

Customize the body of the report

By default, the report has a single section that occupies 100% of the report page. To customize it, go to the Layout Builder page, and edit the body layout:

  • To use a different layout, select a predefined layout from the Page Layout box below the logo (1). The report body is automatically divided into sections according to the selected layout.

    Define data for each section. See Add content to a web-based report in the SolarWinds Platform.

  • To divide a section into multiple columns, specify the number of Layout columns. You can either type the number or use the arrows to increase/decrease the number (2).

  • To change the width of a column, provide appropriate percentage over the column (3).

  • To add a section, click Add Section below the last section.

  • To change the order of sections, drag a section by the handle (4) and drop it on its position.

Customize the report footer

On the Layout Builder page, scroll down to the footer.

  • To include footer, select the Footer box.

  • To include the date when the report is generated, select the Creation date box.

  • To include custom text, select the Custom text box and type the text to be displayed in the footer.

Now you have defined the layout of the report. To continue, specify the data to display in individual sections of the report body.