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Duplicate rules in LV

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to the following products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


  1. Under My Custom Rules, rules can be duplicated within the same and different policies.

  2. Click Duplicate. Select the location where the rule will be duplicated. Rules can only be duplicated within My Custom Rules. The current policy is selected by default.

  3. Once the rule is duplicated, a toast message will display.

    The name of the new rule will be Copy of (previous rule name) by default. Processing is disabled by default.

If you duplicate a rule with conditions or actions that are not available in the destination policy, the condition or action is removed. If there is an alternative (such as forwarding), it will be applied, and the port is changed to the default. New duplicated rules are automatically disabled for this reason.

Rules from any policy can be duplicated, but only a Custom policy can be used as a target. Multiple rules can only be duplicated one policy at a time.


The location to perform troubleshooting related to rule duplication can be found in the following log file:


Any error related to file duplication will display after the following debug log:

2020-09-09 13:33:55,350 [107] DEBUG SolarWinds.Orion.LogMgmt.RuleProcessing.Rules.RuleManager - Duplicating rule 9ae27a83-dec0-4b68-af51-6650c004657d to policy f7e41b9a-69a5-4008-927e-03dd8b7446e4

2020-09-09 13:33:55,775 [107] DEBUG SolarWinds.Orion.LogMgmt.RuleProcessing.Rules.RuleManager - Rule 9ae27a83-dec0-4b68-af51-6650c004657d was sucesfully duplicated to policy f7e41b9a-69a5-4008-927e-03dd8b7446e4