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Certificates and the agent in the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies only to the following SolarWinds Platform products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


SolarWinds Platform agent software certificate

The SolarWinds Platform agent software is signed using the DigiCert Assured ID Root Certificate Authority certificate. The certificate must be valid.

If your certificate is not valid:

  1. Download the following certificate from DigiCert Trusted Root Authority Certificates (© 2021 DigiCert Inc., available at, obtained on May 3, 2021.)

    DigiCert Assured ID Root CA

    SHA1 Fingerprint: 05:63:B8:63:0D:62:D7:5A:BB:C8:AB:1E:4B:DF:B5:A8:99:B2:4D:43

    SHA256 Fingerprint: 3E:90:99:B5:01:5E:8F:48:6C:00:BC:EA:9D:11:1E:E7:21:FA:BA:35:5A:89:BC:F1:DF:69:56:1E:3D:C6:3

  2. Install the certificate to the Local Computer\Trusted Root Certification Authority store on the server hosting the agent.

For more information, search for "Add the Certificates Snap-in to an MMC" at

SolarWinds Platform and SolarWinds Platform agent certificates

SolarWinds Platform uses a certificate you can add in the Configuration Wizard. See Configure the SolarWinds Platform Web Console to use HTTPS.

When you install SolarWinds Platform agents, the SolarWinds Platform generates a unique certificate for each agent. These certificates are signed by the SolarWinds certificate you added in the Configuration Wizard. The certificate is stored in the SolarWinds Platform database and in the SolarWinds Platform agent. It is used for authentication and encryption of the communication between SolarWinds Platform and the agent.