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Create views/classic dashboards in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console for your SolarWinds Platform products

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

You can customize the SolarWinds Platform Web Console for individual users by creating views/dashboards.

You need Allow Account to Customize Views to create dashboards or views.

  See this video: Creating a New View.

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, and click Settings > All Settings.

    Starting with Orion Platform 2020.2, you can click Settings > Manage Dashboards/Views, and click Add classic dashboard.

  2. Click Add New View in the Views grouping.

  3. Name the view/classic dashboard, and select the view type.

  4. Click Submit.

You have now created an empty view/classic dashboard. The Customize view page opens automatically. Add widgets that contain the information you want to see or add the view to a dashboard in the main menu bar.

The Type of View affects how the view is made accessible to users, and your choice may not be changed later. For more information, see Specify views/classic dashboards for device types in the SolarWinds Platform.