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Optimize and scale SolarWinds Platform products

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

As your environment grows and the number of devices you monitor increases, the strain on your SolarWinds Platform infrastructure also increases.

This guide is intended for SolarWinds Platform users who need to optimize the monitoring performance of their deployment. To access settings, you need Administrator rights.

When your deployment reaches 10,000 monitored elements, review the health of your polling, distribute the load among polling engines, and review your polling and retention settings. Consider taking measures before the polling engine capacity hits the limit of 12,000 elements.

To optimize your deployment:

To speed up the optimization process, go to the Deployment Health page in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console and take the suggested measures.

  1. Click Settings > My Deployment.
  2. Click the Deployment Health tab.

Do you prefer checklists? Go straight to the Optimization checklist.