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Configure polling interval settings in the SolarWinds Platform

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

You can improve your SolarWinds Platform server performance by entering longer polling intervals.

Click Settings > All Settings, and in the Thresholds & Polling group, click Polling Settings to configure the settings.

Configure how frequently the polling engine requests information from devices.

See Configure polling interval setting in the online help for more information.

Available options

SettingDefault valueDescription

Default Node Poll Interval

120 seconds

The interval for polling the status and response time of monitored devices.

Default Interface Poll Interval 120 secondsThe interval for polling the status of monitored interfaces.
Default Volume Poll Interval120 secondsThe interval for polling the status of volumes.
Default Rediscovery Interval30 minutes

The interval for polling the entire network to detect any re-indexed interfaces. Monitored network devices are also checked for IOS upgrades or EnergyWise support.

Rediscovery scans your network for changes to your monitored nodes. If you want to discover changes to your environment, schedule a network discovery to occur on a periodic basis and check the scheduled discovery results.

The minimum rediscovery interval is five minutes (in earlier versions, the interval was one minute). You cannot submit polling interval settings if the default rediscovery interval is not set to at least five minutes.

Default Asset Inventory Poll Interval1 dayThe interval for checking asset inventory. Relevant for SAM and SCM.

Lock Custom Values

SelectedSelect this option to keep any customized status polling interval settings.
Re-Apply Polling IntervalsButton enabled

Click Re-Apply Polling Intervals to apply the settings specified in this section to all objects in the database. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to use the current settings for new objects.

If you leave the page without submitting the changes, your settings will be applied to objects in the database, but will not be saved as default. For objects added to the database in the future, the default settings will be used. Not submitting the changes can result in different settings for objects that are already in the database, and different settings for newly added objects.

Timeout information

Polling intervals set the amount of time between polling. When the time passes (in seconds), polling starts by contacting monitored nodes. If polling starts and does not receive a response within the timeout interval, an unknown response enters and displays. The timeout amount sets the amount of time SolarWinds Platform products wait to process and receive responses. Depending on the processing load, you may need to extend the timeout.