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Apache Mesos requirements, installation script examples, and container removal steps

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Apache Mesos is one of the environments supported by the Container Monitoring feature.

To monitor Apache Mesos containers in the Orion Platform, you'll need:

  • Docker Engine 17.12 or later
  • Apache Mesos
  • The Marathon framework, available at (© 2018 Mesosphere, Inc., link obtained on September 4, 2018)
  • An SSH connection to the master server
  • Sudo privileges on the master server
  • Ports
    • 4043: Mesos master server port (internal Mesos communication)
    • 8080: Deployment service (internal Mesos communication)

Apache Mesos installation script

When you add a container service on the Container Services page, the Add Container Service wizard generates a script that you can copy to the Windows Clipboard. Connect to the master server via SSH, open a command line, and run the script, which looks something like this:

curl -o #endpoint# 
sudo bash

This script downloads a bash script and runs it with superuser privileges to deploy required Apache Mesos applications:

  • An OrionAggregator application on the master server, and
  • OrionMonitor applications on each node in the cluster.

Delete Apache Mesos container data from nodes

Before you delete a container service in the Orion Web Console, delete the orion-aggregator and orion-monitor. Apache Mesos applications deployed on the master server: The following steps describe how to remove container data via the Marathon web page but you can also use API commands or another Mesos framework to remove applications from nodes.

  1. Open the Marathon web page.
  2. If necessary, adjust the default loopback IP address,, to match the address in the master state.json file.
  3. Navigate to the orion-aggregator application.
  4. Click the gear icon, and then click Destroy.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the orion-monitor application.

The service status switches to Down on the Container Services page. Now you can delete the container service by selecting its check box and clicking Delete on the Container Services page in the Orion Web Console.

Troubleshooting Mesos issues

The following services must be running on the Mesos master server:

  • docker
  • mesos-master
  • zookeeper
  • marathon

These services must be running on every Mesos agent:

  • docker
  • mesos-agent

To check the status of a service, run:

sudo service [service_name] status

If the Mesos master can't reach the Mesos agents, try flushing the IP tables with this command:

sudo iptables -F