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Specify the polling engine

This topic applies only to the following SolarWinds Platform products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


When deploying a SolarWinds Platform Agent on a Linux-based server using the Agent Initiated communication mode, it is important to specify the polling engine that will collect data from the SolarWinds Platform Agent.

The Agent Software File for Manual installation includes the IP address of the polling engine and other potentially sensitive information. This information is used to install and configure the SolarWinds Platform Agent to communicate with the correct polling engine.

Use polling engine from the list

  • To use an available polling engine, select Use Connection Details from Polling Engine and select the polling engine from the drop-down list.

Manually enter polling engine details

  • If you cannot use an available polling engine (hostname or IP address), select Enter Connection Details Manually, enter the host name and IP address.

    The IP address visible to the SolarWinds Platform Agent may be different from the one assigned to the polling engine here.

Disable TLS validation

If you configure your SolarWinds Platform Web Console to use HTTPS, the certificate is validated before SolarWinds Platform Agent installation file is downloaded. If the certificate cannot be validated on the target Linux/Unix computer, you may select the Disable TLS validation option to skip the certificate validation.

Use a proxy to connect to the polling engine

If you want to use a proxy for the connection, expand the Advanced drop-down list and select how the proxy should be specified.

  • Do not use a proxy (default)
  • Auto-detect proxy settings
  • Use system proxy settings - see Configure web proxy settings in the SolarWinds Platform
  • Manually configure proxy: Specify the proxy settings (Hostname or IP address, Port, Username and Password if you want to use proxy authentication).