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IP SLA variables for Network Atlas tooltips




The last time operation information was updated.


A user defined explanation of the operation.


How often the operation is performed.


The time between operation executions.


This value is True if it was created by VoIP & Network Quality Manager, False if it was created by the user.


The internal ID of the operation.


The name of the operation as it appears in Orion.


Numerical operation status code. 1=DHCP, 2=DNS, 3=FTP, 4=HTTP, 5=ICMP Echo, 8=TCP Connect, 9=UDP Echo, 10=UDP Jitter, 11=VoIP UDP Jitter.


The Orion node ID of the source node.


Numerical operation status code. For more information see Status Icons and Identifiers.


A message that describing the ${Status} value.


The Orion node ID of the node the operation is targeting.