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General features for agents

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This page provides a list of the SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) personal profile settings you can customize. It also contains information about general features that often apply across the board in SWSD but are specifically for agents.

Configure your personal settings

Every individual has their own style. SWSD users have the control to select their own email notification preferences for updates on new assignments. For example, mentions, updates, and changes made by the user.

You can also change the information in your profile details, your personal settings, and your notification settings.

To view and edit your user information and settings:

  1. Click on your personal avatar in the upper right corner.

  2. From the profile screen, select the appropriate tab.

Profile tab

User's can edit some of the information stored in their user profile. Editing is not allowed for information managed at the company level.

Settings tab

Users can:

  • Customize their email signature
  • Set their default home page
  • Set whether descriptions should display in full or compact mode
  • Set their default opening tabs
  • Choose to enable or disable keyboard shortcuts (see Keyboard shortcuts)
  • Set an out of office rule that includes start and end date, default assignee, and a message



You can set your email preferences for updates on assignment, mentions, and other notification types. You may not receive some email notifications if they were configured by your administrator. You can enable or disable:

  • New Assignments
  • Mentions
  • Updates
  • Changes made by you

Daily Email

The Daily Email Digest can help you stay on top of working items assigned to you and tasks that are near or past their due date. See The Daily email digest

Chat Notifications

  • New message in chat queue.
  • New message in chat


See Comments.

Auto-save for comments and objects

When auto-save functionality is active

When a user is adding new comments or creating a new object, but doesn't click Save or Create, the auto-save feature saves any text written in a text box so the user can return to that text box and pick up where they left off.

The content is automatically saved in the browser cache, so it will still work even if the user closes the browser.

Rich-text boxes where entries and comments are saved contain formatting options.


  • If you start adding a new comment to an incident ticket and click a link that opens a new tab within the ticket, you won't lose the information already written.

  • If you are writing a new solution and forget to save the information before you close the window, you can still return to the solution and your work will be saved.

See Comments for an example of the formatting options.

When auto-save functionality is not active

Auto-save is not active if you move to another browser or computer, or if you are working from a mobile device. It is also not active when a user is editing an already existing solution, description on an incident, or any object that was already created.

The Daily email digest

If your company enables the daily email digest, you will receive a daily email that shows open items assigned to you and created within the past week (7 days from the date the email is generated). Items that are resolved or closed are not included in the email.

Each user can personalize their own notification settings.

Keyboard shortcuts

At any time you can see a list of available keyboard shortcuts available for incidents and other areas.

  1. Click your avatar in the upper right.

  2. From the drop-down list, select Keyboard Shortcuts.

From an index page

When you hover over a row, that selected item is highlighted in grey.

Action Windows Mac
Next row Down arrow Down arrow
Previous row Up arrow Up arrow
Toggle index preview Space bar Space bar
Open selected Ctrl + Enter Command + Return
Open selected
(new tab)
Ctrl + Page Up + Enter Command + Shift + Return
Open selected in edit mode Page Up + E Shift + E
Open selected in edit mode
(new tab)
Page Up + Alt + E Shift + Option + E
Next page Page Up + Right arrow Shift + Right arrow
Previous page Page Up + Left arrow Shift + Left arrow
State (of selected item) S S
Priority (of selected item) P P
Category (of selected item) C C

Create new (if available) shortcuts

Action Windows Mac
Create new Page Up + N Shift + N
Create new (new tab) Page Up + Alt + N Shift + Option + N

Details page actions shortcuts

Action Windows Mac
Move to next tab T T
Move to previous tab Shift + T Shift + T
Attach related item Page Up + R Page Up + R

General actions shortcuts

Action Windows Mac
Available for Assignment Page Up + A Shift + Up arrow + A

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