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In SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD), category dropbox emails lets your organization's administrators set an email to- or from-address based on the category associated with incidents. This feature lets emails be sent to an dedicated category-based email address, for example, instead of the more generic

Your organization can use category dropbox emails to help automatically identify the incident category, priority, assignee, and other field content. You can use an SWSD dropbox alias automatically generated by SWSD, or, you can customize the alias to:

  • Use any unique alias chosen by you, with a {your-account-name} suffix

  • Use an email alias with your own domain suffix (requires domain verification)


Setup > Service Desk > Categories.

Set up a category dropbox email

Category dropbox emails need to be set up individually for each category or subcategory you want a specific dropbox for.

  1. Determine whether you want your category dropbox name to contain your company's domain name.

    • If no, proceed to Step 2.

    • If yes, your network team will need to authenticate your company's domain name. See Account Unique Code for more information.

  2. Navigate to Setup > Service Desk > Categories.

  3. Select the appropriate category name to expand it.

  4. Hover over the appropriate subcategory, and then click the edit pencil icon. In the dialog box you can see the name of the category, the default assignee, and the comma-separated default tags.

  5. Click Create email dropbox.

  6. In the expanded portion of the dialog box, notice the email address provided. SWSD will automatically use the address provided to send incidents to this category-specific email address unless you change it to a domain-specific address.

    If you wish to use a domain-specific email address, be sure your administrator has performed the validation steps in Step 1 above.

    You can choose to change the Sender Name, which is the FROM name email recipients will see.

    You can also optionally select:

    1. Use also as reply-to email.
    2. Use dropbox name in 'from' field.
  7. Click Save.

  8. If in Step 6 you selected Use dropbox name in 'from' field, contact your email administrator to request a setup of an alias with a rule that automatically forwards to the category address provided by SWSD in Step 6.

  9. Determine whether you want your category dropbox name to contain your company's domain name.

    • If no, the setup of your category dropbox is complete.

    • If yes, ask your email administrator to:

      1. Define an alias rule based on the samanage email address auto-generated in Step 5.

      2. Define a forwarding rule for the alias.

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