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Reports - Problems: Change over time

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View how many changes occurred per chosen time frame, stacked by your field of interest.


Analytics > Reports > Templates > Problems / Changes / Releases

Customize report output

This report provides a great deal of insight to better slice and dice the data provided. For example, you can scale down the output details of the report by adding filters such as:

  • State of the ticket
  • Site the ticket originates from
  • Department related to the ticket
  • Priority of ticket (with many additional filter options)

After you define your filter and/or filters, you can drill down and stack by:

  • State
  • Assignee
  • Requester
  • Site
  • Department (and endless additional possibilities)

As you define more details, you get a deeper understanding of the data provided by the report. This helps evaluate whether certain actions bring about an increase or decrease in changes. For example, after performing an upgrade to the server (change), you saw a decrease in server related tickets.

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