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In this section, you define the attributes of your users as they relate to the roles, permissions and restrictions they take on in the SWSD.

Navigate to Setup > User & Groups > Users

There are multiple ways to easily create your users.

For example:

  • .Export via .CSV file
  • Import
  • Manually edit
  • User Provisioning

Let's begin with the button on the upper right corner of your screen.

This allows you to simultaneously Import all your users or via the icon you can manually enter individual users.

You will need to enter details such as:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Site
  • Department
  • Reports to (Manager)
  • Role etc.

If you chose to update via user provisioning, click the link below for the relevant integration:

It is important to assign a site and department to each user to help in automating flow of ITSM objects.

For example: If an IT related Incident is created, it can be automatically routed to a user in the IT department.

As you build your User list, you will be able to view all Active and Inactive Users via the All Users Index page.

Here you will find basic information such as:

  • User Name
  • Email
  • Role and more

When hovering in the Actions column over any user multiple icons appear (depending on the role of the user, not all icons will appear) that allow you to:

  • Edit the user profile
  • Disable a user
  • Resend an Activation Email
  • Reset User Password
  • Delete user
  • Or Grant Developer Access

All Users Index Page

As you build the repository of users within your organization, you can customize the All Users index page to a view that best meets your needs.

Notice the 3 red arrows in the image below:

Select the single triangle to filter via:

  • All Users (Default)
  • Disabled
  • Logged in in last 30 days and more

We recommend you take a moment to open the dropdown menu to familiarize yourself with the options offered.

The arrow pointing to reflects your ability to view your options. Options include:

  • Edit
  • Share your view with others
  • Save Changes and more

When you select blue Edit View, a column will appear in the left pane of your screen where you can:

  • Filter via specific attributes such as Active Account, Department etc.
  • Select the columns for your index page and the order in which you would like them columns to appear.
  • Or sort via Name, Email, Role etc.

Lastly, there is a toggle pill at the bottom of the page which you can enable to allow users to upload their own avatars. The default user identifier reflects the user's initials, or they can upload a personal picture.

To learn more about Groups, click here.