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Google SSO configuration and provisioning

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If Google is your service provider, you can configure SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) single sign-on with Google so your users can access all their cloud applications.

You may connect simultaneously to Google and one SAML platform, such as:


ITSM customers ESM customers
Setup > Account > Single Sign-On Organization > Setup > Account > Single Sign-On

Configure and provision users

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account > Single Sign-On.

  2. Click Google.

  3. At the prompt, follow the steps provided by SWSD.

    1. Enter your relevant domain name or names (for example: For multiple domains, separate domain names with a comma.

    2. Optionally, select the checkbox to provision users if they do not yet exist in SWSD.

      Only the user's email account will be imported. After users are provisioned, you must maintain the user account records through SWSD. Any updates made in Google will not automatically populate in SWSD.

You can define an additional SAML provider.

Steps for ESM provisioning

What you can provision is dependent on your provisioning provider.

Ensure provisioning at the organization level

Before you begin, determine whether your organization has already performed any provisioning.

  • For those who previously provisioned before migrating to ESM

    Replace the token in the existing app with the token from the organization. Do not make any changes to the URL.

  • For those who have never provisioned

    Provision users to the organization level.

    1. Create a dedicated app in your provisioning provider platform.

    2. Use the organization token for the provisioning process.

    3. Use the organization URL.

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