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Mobile application: Notifications

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The SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) Notifications module in the mobile application provides a list of notifications the user has received.

For more information on the modules available in the mobile application, see Mobile application.

For more information about notifications and how they work, see Notifications.


When the mobile application opens, by default it opens to a list of incidents and service requests.

You can switch to any other module by clicking the 3-line menu in the black area above the list. A list of the modules then displays.

From the list of modules, select Notifications. The list contains notifications you have received.

Display of the notifications list

The notifications list is pre-sorted by time frame, with the most recent at the top. They are grouped by Today, Yesterday, and Older.

View the information in a notification

From the list of notifications, you can tap any notification to see more information.

When you tap the notification, the mobile app will take you to the specific item the notification was created about. For example, the incident, change, request, or other object.