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Common SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) Discovery obstacles and troubleshooting steps

Discovery scanner is not reporting back.

Restart the scanner service. See Discovery scanner restart

I am only getting IP addresses or getting no devices.

Check that you have applied credentials to your connection.

I installed the scanner and set up a connection but I am not getting any devices.

A couple of things can cause this issue. SWSD needs enough information (hostname and mac address or serial number) to create an asset and if it doesn’t get enough, it drops the asset from being created.

  • Make sure you reach (ping) the following websites as described in the agent installation documentation. If not, they are likely being blocked by your organization:

    • (EU accounts only)

Some common problems are:

  • MAC Address is not found. Make sure you apply credentials to the connection so it has permission to ask the router or device for information.

  • Incorrect credentials. You can test your credentials by clicking on the Test button on each credential page. This will present you with the option to pick a scanner, method, and IP address to test the credential on.

  • Devices are not reachable. The device is not on the same subnet or network that the scanner is reaching out on. You can test this by using by pinging to see if the machine that has the scanner installed on it can see the IP address you are not discovering.

    • Device is discovered but dropped (it can be found in the dropped devices list). Likely, the mac-address/serial is not found, is incorrect or missing credentials, or the device blocks the credential access.

    • Device is not discovered. The device not reachable, is blocking/not responding to ICMP.

  • Devices are blocking discovery attempts. Some machines block different types of requests due to security measures.

  • Scanner is showing Not Reporting status.

    • Make sure that both the Discovery Scanner and the Discovery Agent aren't installed on the same machine

    • Pull the logs via the scanner page to look for errors.

    • Send the logs to technical support via the customer portal or by emailing them to

  • Where do I pull more logs for troubleshooting?

    • The log directory for the scanner should be at either C:\Program Files\Solarwinds Discovery Scanner\data\log or C:\Program Files (x86)\Solarwinds Discovery Scanner\data\log

    • /usr/share/SolarwindsDiscoveryScanner/data/log/

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