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Navigate to the Setup > Service Desk > Notifications.

Here you can see and set up notifications related to specific actions that occur in SWSD. For example, you can establish who should receive notifications when a new incident is requested, or when an approval task is created.

The SEND TO column lets you to select:

  • Assignee
  • Requester, CC

Customizing Notifications

Navigate to the Setup > Service Desk > Notifications.

Administrators can customize the notifications sent to assignees and requesters based on specific selections. If the requester option has been selected, administrators can also have notifications sent to the CCd contacts on an incident.

Notifications are sent based on the selections you choose in Global Settings.

  • If the requester is not marked, then anyone in the CC will not receive the notification. By de-selecting the requester, the CC is automatically turned off.

  • Administrators can ensure that specific changes made to an Incident and/or Change can trigger an email notification.

  • Users own change: the user will only receive an email notification of their own changes made if marked in this appropriate area in the Setup menu.

SolarWinds recommends the following notification settings:

Incident Received On Assignee and Requester
Incident Resolved On Assignee and Requester
Incident Commented On Assignee and Requester
Incident Assigned On Assignee
New Task On Assignee

To avoid being inundated with emails, navigate to My Account > Settings and have a daily email digest sent to you. This can help you stay on top of working items assigned to you and tasks that are near and/or past their due date.

Email Protection Compatibility

SWSD email notifications can prevent malware scanners from prematurely expiring single-use links contained within an email. Because some email security and malware protection services redirect links to a scanning service, the scanning service can cause the link to expire as soon as it is accessed. The Email Protection Compatibility feature prevents users from receiving a Token Expired message when they click a link from an SWSD notification email.

SWSD notifications are compatible with email malware protection services such as Microsoft Defender’s Safe Links and Barracuda’s Link Protection.

An administrator can change whether or not notifications contain in-email action buttons, which make it easier to respond, but potentially less compatible with some email protection tools, for example, SafeLink. For more information, see In-Notification Direct Actions

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