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In SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) the Contracts module provides a comprehensive list of all past and active contracts including software licenses, hardware leases, maintenance agreements, and other types of contracts. This is particularly helpful in relation to IT asset management (ITAM).

Contracts can be used to track anything with a start and end date, including relevant financial information, contract details, renewal schedules, and agreement terms.


Procurement > Contracts.

Contracts index page

The Contracts index page provides information such as the status of a contract, its name, manufacturer, type of contract, start- and end-date, number of items, and number of purchases.

You can customize the All Contracts index page to a view that best meets your needs. See List view for more information.

  1. Navigate to Procurement > Contracts.

  2. Click Add in the upper right.

  3. In the New Contract dialog, select the type of contract from the dropdown. Options are: software license, subscription, lease, or maintenance.

  4. Select the status from the dropdown. Options are: draft, active, review, expired, terminated.

  5. Create a name (required).

  6. Create a manufacturer name (required)

  7. Select a license type (if you selected software license as the license type) from the dropdown.

  8. You can also provide a start date, end date, site, and department, and a note.

  9. Click Items, and then add new purchases.

  10. Click purchases, and then attach files (for example, copies of contracts).

  11. To the top right of the contract, you can add tags, any other contracts that are related to this contract, any related users, renewal reminders, and tasks.

  12. Click Create Contract to save.

For instructions on how to import data for a specific contract, see CSV file imports and exports.

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