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Related Items is a widget that, when activated, allows users looking at the details page of an ITSM object to see related items in a pane on the right of the object's details page, rather than having to drill down through the Related tab. For example, if an incident related to a printer jam has a specific configuration item attached as a related item, the related item would display on the incident details page from both the tab at the bottom and the pane on the right. Likewise, if a problem had that same incident attached as a related item, the incident would display at the bottom of the problem details page and in the pane on the right.


Setup > Integrations > Application Widgets.

Activate Related Items

  1. Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Application Widgets.

  2. Next to Related Items, click the Not Active toggle.

  3. On the Related Items details page, click Activate .

Any incident that has related items attached will now display those items from both the Related tab near the bottom of the incident details page, and from the pane to the upper right.

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