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Using the Asset Map tool in SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD), you can identify the approximate physical location of a device connected to the internet. Using GPS, SWSD uses the IP address's latitude and longitude to provide a location on the map.


Assets > Map.

Using the map

You can zoom in and out on the map using CTRL + scroll wheel.

  • CTRL + scroll forward zooms in.
  • CTRL + scroll down zooms out.

You can click different pins and icons to see more information.

  • Pin. A pin represents a single device.

    • Click the pin to see information about the device.
    • Click more details to see the asset details screen in SWSD.
  • Icon. An icon with a number on it represents the number of different devices in an area or region.
    • Hover over an icon to see the highlighted area/region display behind the icon.

    • Click the icon to see pins representing the location of each device. Click a pin to see more information about a device.

As the map expands when you click on a pin, you can continue to click icons to drill down to street level, which gives you a better idea of the location of a device.

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