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In SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) a major benefit is the ability to customize all forms to best meet your unique organizational needs. Forms refer to the different modules that you can add custom fields to. They serve as the location identifier of where your custom fields will display. You can create one form for each module available to you. See Custom fields for more information.

It is important to differentiate between request forms from the Service Catalog and forms that add defined details related to ITSM objects. (Your service catalog should be a complete, up-to-date list of services performed within your organization. See Service catalogfor more information.)

Use cases

Custom forms can be used to manage many things, including:

  • Purchase date of products/devices
  • Laptop Type


ITSM customers ESM customers
Setup > Service Desk > Custom Forms

Organization (or Service Provider) > Service Desk > Custom Forms

At the Organization level, you can set up custom forms only for users and groups.

Custom forms index page

As with all ITSM objects, Custom Forms has an index page that displays all active and inactive forms to date. You can edit and customize your view to meet your specific needs.

In addition to standard field names, such as Name, Description, and Active, the following are available:

  • Updated At
  • Updated By
  • Created (use in filters)
  • Updated (use in filters)
  • Created At (use in columns and sorting)
  • Created By (use in columns and sorting)

See List viewfor more information on how to create custom filters, custom views, and custom sorting.

Set up custom forms

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) service providers can create their own service-provider specific custom forms.
  1. From the Custom Forms index page, click Add .

  2. In the New Form dialog, provide a name (required field), and optionally provide a description.

  3. Click Add Field to add fields to the new form.

    In the example above, SWSD opens an incident regarding a server issue. Then, with the use of custom fields, SWSD also defines the server type.

  4. Optionally, you can make a field mandatory or show it in the portal by hovering over the field until the ellipsis displays. Click the ellipsis and select from the dropdown list.

  5. Click Create to save the new form.

Video: How to Enable Dynamic Forms

A SolarWinds training video is available to explain how to create custom forms, custom fields, and dynamic form rules in SWSD. See Dynamic Forms video.

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